Choosing the Right Interior Design Colours

You may be in the midst of remodeling or moving into a new space. The interior design of your humble abode or upcoming enterprise is solely up to you to decide. It’s exciting that you can create whatever you want… although you’re overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.

Colour is one interior design aesthetic that can truly bring a space to life.

Choosing a colour palette is the rudimentary step to designing and harmonizing the rest of your space, and being successful at

combining your furnishings, fixtures and household accessories can be challenging.

It’s no secret that Blank Creatives encourages and incorporates a vast use of bright, bold colours when it comes to interior design, but we also understand that going overboard can easily overwhelm the person engulfed in it, and ultimately trespass the fine line of chic to gaudy.

Interior designers have to understand that fine line of trendy to tacky. They have to use their interior design expertise and experience to do it successfully. If Blank Creatives has to stress two aspects to others designing their homes, it’s about being carefully tactical about how often to use shades and more importantly, where to place them.

Like any other designer in the world, Blank Creatives uses other interior designs to gain greater insight and inspiration. By grasping how other designers are using daring colours, it motivates us to be courageous enough to do the same for our clients. We believe that we’ve brought our interior design expertise down to an admirable craft and we’re pleased to show you some of our inspirations:

Vacation Café Melbourne by Therefore

Since the 1950s, pastel colours have been coming in and out of fashion. The Vacation Café in Melbourne took a very relaxed approach to coffee by incorporating whimsical, soft hues and geometric patterns for the custom-designed furniture and lighting throughout the space. The tiled floors and communal furniture are abstract enough to add a sense of uniqueness and comfort to traditional espresso bars. The colour palette combined with the overall design of the Vacation Café, “reflect a sense of escapism and delight”, and ultimately bring peacefulness and tranquility to the guests visiting.

Eat Darling Eat Bakery Hong Kong by NC Design and Architecture

One of the most exhilarating interior designs that we’ve come across is the Eat Darling Eat macaron-inspired bakery in Hong Kong. The magical interiors mirror the imaginative, eclectic menu of delicious baked bites and the brand’s innovative ideology of rediscovering classic childhood desserts, with a modern, contemporary twist. The fully immersive design aesthetic and bold colours create an illusionary, utopian environment that “escapes the perspective of popular culture”.

The combination of soft pastels, bright crimson and plum shades throughout the interior stimulate the visionary senses just enough to ultimately inspire guests to celebrate the art of dessert making.

Peaches Bar and Rooftop Melbourne by Pierce Widera

The Peaches Bar and Rooftop in Melbourne uses an unparalleled design approach to combine the aesthetics of the space with assorted peachy tones. The client and designer essentially wanted to, “break every rule in the book of conventional cocktail bar design” in order to immerse guests into a welcoming environment that mirrors everything you would expect in a fun, tasty cocktail.

Each interior design above has their own, original design in order to present guests with a playful, visually amusing environment. The interior designs in each space are harmonious with the furnishings and hue palettes where they can afford to add a pop of colour in certain spaces, but ultimately bring a sense of comfort and relaxation to visitors.

Blank Creatives is always looking to get inspired with eccentric designs in order to bring clients’ spaces to life. If you need help generating more interior design ideas, reach out to Blank Creatives because giving the client what you want is what we do best.

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