Creating an Interior Space for your Branding

Is your business’ interior design properly communicating your brand’s message?

Think about every time that you’ve walked into a business that entails a strong brand personality. Prominent brands like Apple, Louis Vuitton, Nike and McDonalds get it. They understand the power of adequately branding through interior design to engulf their customer into their brand’s personality and enhance their clients’ overall experience.

Branding through interior design is highly influential for business owners and is one of the best tools to have in your arsenal of marketing tools for communicating exactly what you and your business stand for.

Branding in Interior Design

Integrating your brand strategy in the interior design process can create an environment that is helpful to your employees, customers and business associates, so that they can better understand your company’s ultimate mission, vision and values.

All of the interior design elements incorporated throughout your business work together to create a physical and sensory relationship with the customer and when implemented correctly, your brand’s message allows people to explore and engage with your brand in the physical space.

Branding your interior design enables your business’ brand to go beyond the point of traditional marketing tools that are often used in web, advertisements and television.

Create the ability to enhance your clients’ visits and overall experiences with your business by branding your interior design at the very beginning of the interior design process.

Interior Design Branding Ideas

At Blank Creatives, we’re big believers in creating spaces that transform your brand into a living, breathing, physical personality.

Blank Creatives has acquired inspiration from a few spaces that captured colour and incorporated it into their interior space perfectly in order to adequately brand their business through interior design:

Ice Scream Parlor – Bronx, NY

This uniquely designed ice cream parlor was inspired by the 1980’s Memphis Design Movement and entails everything and more to enhance their customers’ experience when visiting the location.

The four main arches inside the space are accented by multi-coloured LED lights that alternate hues to frame and enhance the decorative neon signs around the space, while the island in the middle provides additional seating and helps the flow of customers throughout.

Budapest Café – Chengdu, China

The Budapest Café in Chengdu, China is designed to be a magical, inviting world that entails a whimsical character and international appeal. The nostalgic-green hues are feminine, relaxing and fun, despite the loftiness and exposed structures around the interior, and essentially intrigue customers to lounge around while getting a caffeine boost.

Ambrosia – Shenzhen, China

Ambrosia is a new bubble tea brand and shop in a progressively growing area of Shenzhen, China. The design of the venue and its brand appeal to fashionable, modern and mindful tea drinkers with a calming, sensory soft pink colour palette that is as sweet and refreshing as bubble tea.

Branding Through Interior Design

Branding interior design firm, Blank Creatives will boost your business’ perspective to clients while branding through its interior design. Blank Creatives encourages our clients to think outside the box and get creative in order to enhance our starting point of the interior design process with you and to ultimately, create a world that engulfs your clients and represents your brand.

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