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How do your fees work?

Blank Creatives work to a pre-approved fixed fee, which is tailored to suit each client's project needs. Some firms work to an hourly rate, but we do it this way so you know your costs up front.

What do you need from me for a fee proposal?

Good question!

At Blank Creatives, we like to get as much information as possible from you so that we can give you the most accurate fee proposal possible. We always like to know:

  • Where your space is located
  • Is it a brand new tenancy or an existing business?
  • The floor size of the space (metres squared).
  • Do you require a DA?
  • Are you located in a shopping centre?
  • When does your lease begin? Do you have lease free period? This helps us gauge a time-line for your project.
  • What is your budget for the build costs (we only ask this because it's a good indication of the level of detail that's going to be required for the design - not so we can spend all your money!)?
  • When would you like us to start work?
  • When do you want to be open for business?

How long will it take to get my project on site?

This is project-specific and depends on many factors, such as the size of your space, the amount of construction work needed and if a DA is required. Often the council process is unpredictable, as it is at the council’s discretion on the amount of time they take to review and process your development application.

Do I need a Development Application (DA)?

DAs (as they're called in NSW) are needed for a variety of purposes. Below are some common examples of when DAs are required:

  • Change of use - If the existing use or class of building that you are looking to work in is different to the use of your new business, you may need to lodge a change of use. For example a building with a Class 5 use would not be suitable for a cafe or restaurant, which requires a Class 6. This would mean a change of use DA would need to be submitted for the whole space. The leasing agent should be able to tell you the current class of use on your site.
  • Shopfront changes - If you would like to make major changes to the existing shopfront, this may require a DA pending a private certifier's review.
  • Outdoor seating - If you would like to add outdoor seating in front of your tenancy on the footpath, this would require council's consent.
  • Signage - If you would like to change or add more signage to your business’ exterior a DA would be required.
  • New build - If you are constructing a whole new building or home a full DA would be required.
  • Extension - If you are extending the floor space of your home or business - a council submission is required.

Can Blank Creatives help with the DA process?

Yes we can!

At Blank Creatives we know that DAs can be a frustrating process, so we offer services to make this part of your project easy. Blank Creatives can assist in any DAs needed for your project. We work with each client to determine what they will need to satisfy council's requirements, assessing if any external consultants are needed. If so, we are always happy to recommend consultants and work with them on your behalf to get the DA ready.

Please note: Blank Creatives will liaise with planning, heritage and other compliance consultants and prepare materials based on their advice. Blank Creatives are not, however, planning or compliance experts and make no guarantee that DA applications will be accepted. Council frequently raise objections to DAs which planners themselves do not anticipate, and this process may require further consultation with those consultants and the preparation of amended applications. Blank Creatives will provide all reasonable assistance in this amendment process.

What is a Private Certifier?

A private certifier is a third party consultant who is qualified and takes on liability to certify that the works undertaken at your premises meet all Australia Standards and Building Code regulations.

They can issue alternatives to DAs in some cases, which can be more cost effective and faster to get your project on site.

Please follow the link below to learn more:

Have you worked with Shopping Centres before?

Yes we have. We have worked many times with Stockland Mall and our staff members have worked with Westfield at previous design firms. We are experts in reading and understanding centres sometimes overwhelming design guidelines and working with Retail Design Managers.

What other projects have you worked on?

Follow the link to our projects galleries below:

Hospitality projects - cafes, bar, restaurants

Commercial - Office and retail spaces

Residential - homes, new builds and renovations

Have Blank Creatives won any awards?

Blank Creatives was recently shortlisted for the Eat Drink Design Awards, for Best Cafe Design at La Cantina St Leonards. Winner announced November!

Where are Blank Creatives located?

Blank Creatives work in a share-office in Marrickville. We have meeting rooms small & large, so we can accommodate client groups of all sizes.

How do you work?

If you choose to work with Blank Creatives you will always be working with our director who leads the creative process, and often a second designer who assists the director with drafting and any admin related tasks.

All invoicing and billing matters are dealt with by our admin team.

Who works at Blank Creatives?

Blank Creatives consists of Jasimma, our Director and founder, a team of freelancers, all of which are seniors and have more than 5 years experience in the Interior Design sector and Alfie the labrador who keeps us all focused and productive.

Do you offer Graphic Design Services?

Yes we can. We have a number of graphic designers who we can recommend.

I’m new to the hospitality world, any advice?

Blank Creatives has worked with many new hospitality businesses and operators new to hospitality (it's almost a specialty of ours!). Over the years the businesses that we have seen succeed are those who embrace the learning process and spend that little extra in the start up. External services you may want to consider include:

- Graphic Design - a graphic designer can help create your brand, from logo creation, menus, merchandise (coffee cups, napkins, etc), and social media.

- Food consultants can help create your menu, train and hire staff, source food suppliers, and assist in a number of other operational processes that put something delicious in front of your clients from day one.

- Equipment consultants help to ensure you have the right equipment for your menu and needs.

We love to see all our clients succeed!

What about variations?

Our fixed fee arrangement almost always gets our clients from start to finish, but if you decide you need something more or different from us along the way, that work can be carried out at a pre-approved fixed price or hourly rate.

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