How Interior Design Affects Mood

Picture walking into a hair salon or a day spa… Now, picture walking into a movie theater or high-end restaurant… What’s the difference in ambiance between the two categories? Maybe you’ve never really thought about it, but the various objects and elements inside a business or space can have a significant impact on one’s feelings and mood. Blank Creatives based in Sydney, Australia offers various designs and aesthetics to make your business, space, or home feel just right! We understand that clients are psychologically affected by the vibes of your location, and we are here from start to finish to make sure we design exactly what you asked and are looking for!

How Colours Affect Mood

Colours are at the top of the list and a great example of how they can alter our minds or generate our moods. Our emotions are so deeply rooted in us that we even use colours to explain how we feel sometimes!

Feeling blue and sad, feeling green and envious, feeling yellow and happy.

What we know about colour psychology is that vibrant shades like yellow, orange, and green encourage socializing and communicating, while dark hues like purple, deep blue, and red reflect a milder, gloomier feel.

When applied appropriately to your business or home, colours evoke an overall sense of comfort which is why we don’t feel uncomfortable or somber when we walk into a dimly lit restaurant or spa. We actually tend to feel calmer!

Shown above, Blank Creatives refurbished the Alysium Day Spa at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney in 2015 and how did we affect the overall mood?

For the entry and hallway, we chose a combination of soft and dark, brooding colours which create a cool and calm space. This sets the mood to prepare clients for their relaxing journey.

On the other hand, warmer shades of yellow and orange inspire relaxation and boost creativity, so when you walk into an area such as a paint studio, you feel more energized and innovative.

Lighter blue and green also evoke a sense of serenity and can be used for spaces like cafes where individuals normally come to sit down and decompress.

Reds can be tricky in interior design at times because it can increase anxiety or hostility if it’s overused. Smaller amounts of red can raise the space’s energy by adding a pop of color. Reds can be used in an old-fashioned diner, a car garage, or even in your business or home to add a pop of color to wake the room up.

At Blank Creatives, we take all of this into account and consideration when we work with individuals in order to get the perfect atmosphere for you, your clients, your business, or your home!

Interior Design Elements and Principles

Colours, spaciousness, natural elements, textures, furniture are all details that alter and influence our moods. It only makes sense that we, as interior designers, can have an impact one one’s emotions with our design choices, and we want to make sure that Blank Creatives presents you with the utmost satisfaction when we renovate or design your space!

Lighting is also very important when it comes to interior design as it has the same, if not greater, effect on our emotions when we are embodied by it. The best lighting source is, of course, the sun, so the number and size of windows in a room can boost or decrease one’s energy and vitality.

At the Hilton Hotels Alysium Day Spa, we replaced the ceiling lights with halo-lit lighting around the mirrors and by lowering the lighting level, we were able to further work to create a true sense of serenity for every customer coming into the space. The softer colours in a full-height wallpaper, which feature an ombre design, mimic the sunrise and sunset, creating an overall cool atmosphere and environment. These are the kinds of vibes that customers and clients want to walk into when they are experiencing things like a massage or facial. The interior design is meant to put individuals into zen and tranquility during their period of relaxation.

Texture, spaciousness and furniture are key elements of interior design as they set the final aesthetics of an area.

At the Hilton Day Spa, we chose the dimmer colours to pair along with the modern, contemporary furniture. The mirrors look sleek, the rug is simple, and the chairs are chic, creating an overall eclectic, monochromatic vibe. The door on the printed wallpaper is more of an art-deco style, which adds to the room’s ambiance with its metallic finish. The room would be too simple if we didn’t add the table in the corner, which brings a pop of white and some decoration into the room involving the flowers and candles. The contemporary vibes in the space combined decrease a client’s energy and prepare them for a moment of relaxation, while still staying stylish and trendy.

Let us Design Your Next Space

Blank Creatives has plenty to offer when it comes to impeccable customer service and interior design. We want to work with clients who are ready to transform their current space or design a brand-new space! We thrive off of putting together ideas and seeing what fits best in a given space, which is why we offer different packages based on your interior design needs. Whether you need our full services from start to finish, or a refreshing change for your business or home like we exemplified above, Blank Creatives is happy to sit down and chat with you to figure out what your vision is. So, let’s get to designing!

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