Kitchen Design Trends: by Blank Creatives

The kitchen is the heart of the house where you pass hours cooking, enjoying new recipes, hosting dinner parties and spending time with loved ones.

Also known as one of the first rooms that you visit to make your morning coffee, tea or breakfast, the kitchen is vital for our comfort, success and survival.

With a room so important that you spend so much time in, it only makes sense to design it exactly how you like and prefer.

Kitchen Design Trends 2021

From the flawless, all-white kitchen to the federation-moulded kitchen, there are classic kitchen designs that’ll truly never go out of style.

Whether you prefer a traditional, retro or contemporary vibe for your interior kitchen design, Blank Creatives is capable of styling your space how you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are a few kitchen trends that have caught our attention and that you’ll be sure to love for this year:


Terrazzo is a pattern that we’ll never get tired of and it’s mainly because the design adds so much character, no matter where you put it!

Using a fun terrazzo tile pattern or slab invites new kitchen design ideas throughout the entire space.

Whether your terrazzo design is sparkly, matte, glossy, colorful or one-toned, you can mix and match kitchen accessories and furnishings however you see fit.


Another pattern that we adore at Blank Creatives is (no surprise) marble!

Marble has been on the rise in popularity for the past couple years and finally, it’s made its way from the bathrooms to the kitchens.

A pattern that is chic, timeless and effortless in every shade and space, you won’t ever regret splurging on marble.

Every time a client has a limited budget to spend on marble, we always recommend using the pattern in an area that’ll make a stunning statement and splash, similar to the style in the photo below:

Sydenham Marble by Blank Creatives

While an all-white kitchen is elegant and contemporary all at the same time, adding marble into the mix adds sophistication and individuality.

Blank Creatives designed this gorgeous marble backdrop for our client’s kitchen:

3D Tiles

Giving texture to a space is all the interior design rage right now, especially by incorporating concave tiling.

The ambiance of the space down below is retro, classic and modern all at once.

By using 3D tiles in one area, you have the option and ability to dim down the rest of your space. We recommend using the same 3D tile patterns for the same space to avoid a design overload.

Subtle Moulding

We love moulding because it’s traditional and we love it because it’s modern.

Whenever you use moulding throughout your interior, the style can go either way.

Especially in kitchens, you can use moulding along your walls, doors or cabinets to add a timeless texture in areas that are too open and simple.

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

At Blank Creatives, we’re always updated on the latest design trends to give our clients the stylish interiors that they’ve always wanted.

We can enhance whatever kitchen interior design ideas you have by pairing our design recommendations with your vision, to ultimately bring your space to life.

If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen interior design and want to share your ideas with us, contact us on our websitetoday!

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