Our Favorite Home Décor Pieces to Create: Memphis Style

Are you trying to invoke the Memphis-style interior design trend into your space?

While Memphis designs were thought to begin in Tennessee, USA, they actually originated in Milan, Italy around the mid-1900s.

Memphis styles were going against the status-quo and disregarded what “good taste” was considered to be like at the time.

Memphis design combined the geometrical shapes of Art Deco and the color scheme of Pop Art, where the 1950s Daliesque inspired the designers’ unconventional aesthetic. Features of Memphis design include:

Features of Memphis design include:

  • Laminate & Terrazzo Materials
  • Squiggles (Bacterio print)
  • Bright, Multi-Colored, Abnormally Shaped Objects

We’re always looking to stay unique, inventive and stylish at Blank Creatives, and if you’re interested in incorporating Memphis designs into your space, we have a few easy and inspiring ways to do it.

Memphis Style Designs

Stunning furniture pieces that make a statement are paramount to making your interior unparalleled. Check out some of our favorite Memphis furnishings:

Urban Clap: Terrazzo Stool

Memphis interior design is all about the pop and patterns!,/p>

An avant-garde designer, Jacob Egeberg, designed this fun table, that dubs as a stool, for Urban Clap.

Concrete, steel and glass were used to create a new dimension to Terrazzo where this table is functional, abstract, and hip, all at the same time.

Prostir86: Suprematic Lamps

A modern take on Memphis design, these Suprematic Lamps are all about colour and shapes.

This collection of lamps was inspired by the geometric works of famous designer, Kazimir Malevich, and will enhance your interior to look like a trendy art gallery.

Essential Home: Textured & Patterned Chair

One of our absolute favorite Memphis designs is this quirky, textured and patterned chair.

Pair this Essential Home essential anywhere in your home as a statement piece or buy multiples of them to add to your chic kitchen or dining room!

This Memphis-styled chair works anywhere if you pair it with the right ambiance.

Galerie BSL: Moon Chair

We’re over-the-moon with this Moon Chair designed by Galerie BSL!

A stunning armchair that truly ticks all the boxes, this Moon Chair can be used casually in your living room, den or even in your bedroom.

Pair these colours with warmer accents and furnishings to make it stand out, or go all out and be dramatic with your design to make this chair fit right in.

Good Moods: French Accent Chair

Of course, we saved the best for last.

Good Moods is known for their trendy, unparalleled designs but this accent chair takes creativity to the next level.

We recommend that you only use one or two of these chairs in any given space to keep the design amusing, but not overwhelming.

The great thing about this French Accent Chair is that you can use various colours throughout the room that you’re incorporating it into.

Be bolder to combine this chair with navy, plum or emerald decorations, or be calmer to pair this chair with lilac, blush or cream-colored furnishings.

The possibilities of this accent chair are endless.

Memphis Interior Design Trend

At Blank Creatives, we love to inspire, impress and influence our clients to be innovative with their interior designs.

Memphis designs are making a comeback and designers all over the world are trying their take on incorporating the style into their creations.

Blank Creatives would love to see how you fused your own style with other Memphis designs, and we encourage you to share on our website!

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