Understanding the design process

Never used a designer before? Or interested to learn more about how Blank Creatives works?

Well today is your lucky day! We’ll be letting you in on all our little secrets and quirks that help us deliver the best designs for our clients.

Our first step in the design process is always to understand our clients, what their ideas for their business are and what they want from us.

Once this is established the fun begins, with our first stage of design!

This 1st step is where we feel out the design, what we believe will work well and blending this with the client’s vision. Floor plan options and mood-boards are used to do this.

A mood-board is a collection of images that show ideas of what could be done. It’s often an overall indication of the design ideas, not 100% what we are thinking just ideas to gage the client's feelings on the proposals.

Once this is approved we often suggest that a 3D is done of the space. It’s okay to admit that you’re not an expert plan reader!

3D’s are a great way to see the design come alive in the space - in a way that anyone can understand. It’s also the easiest way for a client to make changes, maybe the red leather chairs weren’t how you had imaged them, or the brass lights aren’t quite right.

After that the design process at an end and the drawing stages begin. That’s when we draw all the floor plans, elevations, sections and details so that you can get the job priced and built.

Want to learn more?

Why not get in touch with us today hello@blankcreatives.com.au

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