Designing the best food business persona

At Blank Creatives we follow an ethos that every food business should appear to have its own personality.

What does that mean?

Well we believe that when customers enter your space, they should be enveloped in your food offering but also ensure that the space and its branding tell the same story as your food.

Today we’ll share 5 designs and what personality we get from them!

1. BAM karaoke box in paris, designed by Michael Malapert Designs

Flamboyant, fun & classy

2. Bibo Ergo Sum designed by Home studios

Flamboyant, fun & classy

3. Bibo designed by Substance

A retro man, with fine tastes and oh soo much class

4. Lotus Dessert By Atelier TAO+C

Clean, fresh, reliable & healthy.

5. Hotel W, designed by Atelier MKD

Sophisticated, Elegant & social.

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