How Blank Creatives works with builders

At Blank Creatives we not only believe in developing a strong relationship with our clients, but also the builders we work with. They’re the talented folk who turn designs into walking talking spaces.

So after all our years of experience, what do we think are the most important factors when choosing a builder?

  1. Transparency

We always say it, you want a builder who lets you in to every step of the building phase, who is transparent with their quoting and tendering process and also with their decisions on site.

Transparency during the quoting phase is very important. You want an itemised quote, detailing what is included and what isn’t. This will avoid lots of hassle down the line, and creates a great foundation for you and your builder to work from.

At Blank Creatives we’ve had experience with builders who aren’t transparent. They cut corners on site, hide their mistakes and then once you’ve noticed it’s too late - your space has been built.

  1. Willingness to work with your designer

Sure we might be biased here, but you’ve paid good money for budding designers, like ourselves, to create the perfect space for your project. So why not make sure your builder is on-board to bring the design to life.

Sadly some builders like to make changes to the design, without consulting the designer or the client. How do I avoid this? Make sure to do your homework - read the builders testimonials, or ask to see examples of their work and a client list.

You can also see the signs at initial meetings - ask yourself, Are they interacting with your designer? Are they asking constructive questions to better understand the design?

Sometimes builders like to blame the designers, sure we make mistakes sometimes but the best result is a builder who forms part of the TEAM. They work with you and your designer, to nut out all the detail. That’s our kind of builder!

  1. Full of beans!

We like builders who are up for a challenge. We like to hear “it’s tricky but it can be done”!

Sure sometimes designers get too creative and the design can be tricky, but why not choose a builder who is full of beans, who enjoys the challenge and as we’ve said, is a team player. Even if the design needs to be modified, a good builder will work with you to make it happen.

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