Before saying I DO to a hospitality site, ask yourself...

Before committing to a tenancy make sure to ask yourself these simple questions.

1. Where's the plumbing?

Do the plumbing locations on site match where I want my kitchen to be?

2. Do I need an exhaust hood?

Does the site have an exhaust hood?

This can help you understand how much work will be involved in getting the site ready

3. Is the site approved for food use?

Speak to the realestate agent they should know. If the site isn't food use approved (class 6 in the Building Code of Australia) - budget for time & money to submit an application to council.

4. Accessibility

Does the site have a step up into the tenancy? Or is their a floor level change in the customer area?

All sites need to be friendly for wheel-chair access. so if the site ticks any of these boxes - allow for installation of a ramp or wheel chair lift in your budgeting.

5. Toilets

If you're planing on having more than 20 seats, you will need toilets in your tenancy.

Helps to budget for this in case the site doesn't have toilets.

Want to know more. Head to our Instagram story, to hear more from our Boss Lady jasimma.

Or head over to our ebooks & Checklists where you can download free custom checklists that we have created just for you to help you audit a site before saying I DO!

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