Our passion in design is creating spaces where people, friends & families can gather together. Working with both residential & hospitality design we are able to thread this idea into spaces that are not just inviting, comfortable & intimate but also tell a story about the people that use them.


At Blank Creatives we love to work closely with our clients, to create spaces that talk. This means that when we are designing your dream home, we work closely with you - to get a feel for who you & your family are. How do you use your home & what do you want from it. The same goes for hospitality, what do you want your business to say, and what experience do you want your customers to have in your space. Clients spend a lot of time thinking about the food that they serve in those spaces, so why not have the space complement this & continue the personality & storytelling of your food experience.

We are not only a passionate & professional design firm but we really love what we do.


We are a small firm, where clients work mainly with our director Jasimma, which means that every client gets a high level of attention to detail & high level of design experience that is brought to every project (big or small).



Boss Lady

With over 10 years of experience, our boss lady brings her all to help design & create your dream space.




All the boring stuff.

Image by Callum Hill


Construction times

We have a network of builders for small & large projects that we can recommend or help you get in touch with.



Happiness officer

Always around for a cuddle & to eat your lunch, in case you weren't hungry. Attends meetings on request.

What People say

At Blank Creatives we foster real relationships with all our clients, to make sure that every design is exactly what they wanted. Here's what our clients say about us:




Our space speaks for its self... Social Society Sydney wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for Jasimma and her amazing eye for detail. Working With Jasimma was beyond perfect. The whole service was such an easy process. Seamless. I am a quite demanding operator. Having Jasimma answer all my calls and answer all my questions kept me at total ease throughout the whole design and build process. And of course she was there every step of the way. Her eye for detail is and will remain timeless! 


 Design Journey