How to Start Designing Hospitality Spaces

Sure, the idea of designing a space may sound simple and easy, until you quickly realize all the aspects and particularities that are incorporated in the full creative process. While the design aspect of the creative interior process is fun and exciting, getting down to business and the specifics is ultimately what is going to make your space’s specific design possible.

If you’re looking to renovate your existing space or completely redesign a new one, Blank Creatives is here to help bring your imagination to life!

We encourage and love working with clients who are eager to be involved in the design process as much as possible. When our clients are pleased to get involved, it helps Blank Creatives design and invent exactly what you want and need for your space.

If you’re overwhelmed or unsure of how to get started in the design process, Blank Creatives is here to outline the simple steps that we take to design some of Sydney’s most unique and impressive spaces.

Obtain a Brief

At Blank Creatives, we divide each portion of the interior design process in order for the experience to go as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Upon contact and initially telling us about your design project, Blank Creatives will take the conversation a step further to dig deep and understand clients’ needs in order to adequately transform your space’s aesthetics and designs. We’ll create a brief piled with your comments and ideas, along with our design recommendations and work from it throughout the design process.

We always recommend going through Pinterest to get some interior design inspiration. Pick out 2-5 interior design aesthetics and tell us why they catch your eye and intrigue you. After doing so, you can send us your vision and we’ll work with you on combining your practical needs and ideal conception of your space in order to create a mood board as we dig further into the design process.

Communicate with Client

Blank Creatives will set up a meeting or time to chat in order to outline and highlight exactly what you expect from our design services upon obtaining a creative brief from you.

Throughout the entire design process, we’ll stay in full communication with you on making the proper and necessary changes to your brief if you happen to change your mind or discover new ideas.

Finalise Design Brief

Once your imaginations and expectations have been put on paper, we’ll finalise your design brief in order to implement it with no other changes.

Create a Mood Board

This portion of the design process is exceptionally exciting for most clients. This step in the interior design process is where Blank Creatives brings your imagination to life!

A mood board is an overall indication of the design ideas and they’re ultimately used to warrant a client’s feelings on a given proposal. Through a mood board, we’ll refine your initial ideas and our recommendations in order to tie all of your expectations into one harmonious design.

Mood Board Example for Nguyen Brothers Delight, by Blank Creatives:

As you can see, Blank Creatives focuses on particular design details in order for your mood board and interior design vision to come to life.

Custom 3D Visual

Once you’re confidently satisfied with the general aesthetic and planning of your space, we can move forward to create a custom 3D visual of your location. This is extremely beneficial to our clients as they are given the ability to see and experience their space before it is even built.

It can be tough for clients to interpret and understand interior design, besides your expertise lies elsewhere. A 3D visual ensures that clients are 100% satisfied and pleased with your design before we move further into the drawing phase.

3D Visual Examples for Nguyen Brothers Delight, by Blank Creatives:

Our experienced interior designers will virtually place you inside of your space through our 3D visuals before it is even built.

If you don’t agree with a particular piece of furniture or design, 3D visuals make it simple for us to make the necessary changes in order to completely satisfy our clients. After this portion of the interior design process, we will begin to draw the floor plans, elevations, sections and details so that you can get the job priced, finally built and brought to life!

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