Restaurant Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends are one of the many factors that influence us to develop the perfect space. Along with your personal style and thematic touches, the trends that circulate the media today can be the final element in giving a space that ‘wow’ factor! Aesthetics are the rave in cultivating today’s trends and help us create an iconic look to your business. For restaurant interior design, your business does most of the work, but the look and feel of your space can tell the story behind it all. There are a few clear trends emerging in the Sydney restaurant interior design area like terrazzo, textured surfaces, and some timeless inspiration; all of which help keep your style on the up!

Terrazzo Madness

It’s all about terrazzo these days. A beautiful and easy way to keep your style while staying in tune with the restaurant interior design trends previously mentioned! It can be made from a number of materials, such as chips of marble, quartz, granite, or glass and always keeps a space interesting. The terrazzo madness is growing rapidly and we love to see it! Whether you choose a small print or go bold with a large custom palladiano lay, we are sure you’ll love the look! We recently had the pleasure of working with it at Social Society – check out the counter and floor we created!

Timeless Inspiration

The world of interior design is constantly fluctuating with new styles and trends, coming into the spotlight for a brief period, only to be forced back out and become “outdated” once more. While it can feel taxing on us all in an attempt to keep up with which trend is coming next, some styles are truly timeless. Nostalgia is an extremely powerful tool when styling for hospitality. Maybe you recall overhearing someone say “Wow! That is so vintage!” in reference to something used heavily in years from long ago. The beauty of this vintage-loving timeless inspiration we all know and use means we can use its adaptability to appeal to anyone! Using inspiration from the past has always been a winner, and it seems as though we may be moving away from art decor and shifting backwards in time.

Textured Surface and Restaurant Interior Design Styles

Throughout the 1900’s, designers really began to experiment with textured surfaces such as walls, ceilings, counters, and all the rest. The design industry today has begun to incorporate textured surfaces on a massive scale! It is the perfect touch to a space in order to add an extra dynamic element and has the capability to be incorporated in designs from simple to full & plentiful and anything in between, which is one of the many reasons why we love textured surfaces so much! It is important to be mindful of where your personal style lies in conjunction with the many style types we know and love today. Whether it be modern, rustic, minimalist, or anything few and far between, there are limitless ways to design your perfect place of business.

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